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The process of website development. The prototype and technical specification To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that supports HTML5 video Loading… From the course by National Research University Higher School of Economics Marketing strategy in digital environment (Digital marketing strategy) 137 ratings This Course Video Transcript Course 1 of 4 in the Specialization the basics of Digital Marketing the First course of specialization “fundamentals of digital marketing” covers fundamental issues: – How to use the power of digital tools to strengthen the corporate strategy? – What should be the company’s website is its virtual representation on the Internet? – How to make a website well-known? And how to track results? Not to be lost in the boundless digital sea, companies have to make their way – to develop a digital strategy. Knowing your audience and knowing the position of competitors, the company clearly defines their goals and identifies targets.

Then select the communication channels, selects effective tools to convey information to the audience. The result of the development strategy – an action plan for the planning period. The website is a virtual representation of the network. The ship on which she sails.

How it meets the

objectives of the company, depends on many things, if not everything. On the website users get information about the company, its services and products. From anywhere, anytime. The site is attracting new target customers, including enables e-Commerce.

The website is an important channel of communication, forms a picture of the company’s brand, helps to win the trust of consumers. In addition, the site serves as a base for other online activities of the company. It is important to understand how and on what principles it creates web site companies how to develop its structure, what to consider in the design and layout. To move, our virtual ship needs a driver.

And he gets it in the form of program promotion. The company creates sales funnel and plans advertising on the Internet. Monitors the response of the users and adjusts their actions. All this for maximum leap forward! Compass companies in the digital sea serves as a system of web-Analytics.

Its importance cannot be overstated. First, through a system of web Analytics is monitored achievement of strategic goals. And not only the result but also in the implementation of a specific marketing campaign. In case of significant deviations will be TIME to provide corrective action.

We are forewarned and so forearmed. Second, the rich possibilities of collecting and analyzing data about consumers and their behavior will allow you to perform fine-tuning of marketing and to achieve better

It is devoted . Filippa Olsen.

Since there is no limit to perfection! The course was developed by a team of Russian experts digital market, ready to share their knowledge and experience. We tried to make the course as practical and useful for you, according to the principle “Try and do it!” On behalf of the entire team I welcome you on the course! And want exciting sailing! Tatiana Komissarova, Ph.

D., Dean of the Higher school of marketing and business development HSE From the lesson Principles and the process of creating web sites Good day, dear listener! The second module of our course is devoted to creation of the web site of the company – a virtual representation of the company in a network and a database for digital marketing communications. In the process of studying, you will understand how and on what principles created a web site companies, how to develop the structure that must be considered in design and layout. The process of creating a website will be shown on the example of the landing page. Watch the video, learn the additional material and answer the test questions.

Success! Domashenko Valery Yurievich Yana Kupriyanova E. Kuzminykh, Ksenia Aleksandrovna Chilikin Michael I. Course Christine A. 0:00 Explore our Catalog Join for free and get personalized recommendations, updates and offers.

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