Prime hashflare profitability comparison

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  • The best proof of professionalism is the result, not results will help to understand the forums (after reading the last 1-2 pages of the desired topics of the forum becomes immediately clear paying or not paying company) and specialized sites, publishing detailed reviews of the activities of the home page usually contains a bit technical and marketing information (tariffs, a bit about the technologies and competitive advantages, etc
  • non-Intrusive turn, the crooks don’t especially bother with the intricacies of the technology, but more a bundle of if after studying the technology of mining works of the company and its marketing model you do not see the logical connection, or do not understand how they work, found a few blank pages, broken hyperlinks means you got to potential for understanding the underlying intricacies of mining on the Internet has a lot of endation:pay attention to the sites of few words professionals and technicians, and not noisy street ing business model From personal experience and observation, I came to the conclusion that the most reliable and honest companies don’t need aggressive advertising, crazy loyalty programs or a rule, reliable mining companies all is quiet, power is not sold at discounts of 50% or more of the referral program (if any) are complementary, and the Internet is not littered with bright and provocative banners and promotional reliable companies rather learn from friends, from informative reviews of non-advertising nature and discussion forums, investors of projects that work with lly, companies that have things go wrong, or who decided finally to throw as many people as possible start screaming banners about megalightning y within 1-2 months after the beginning of such advertising campaigns declares bankruptcy or is an outright Scam endation:do not deal with mining companies with aggressive ification Given that the risks in investing in varying degrees are always present, you always need to remember that not all funds invest in the same better shape your investment portfolio, the less the damage from a bad this does not mean that rational is investing 5% of your capital in 20 different this strategy is justified, but the administration of this mass of projects is quite complex
  • I recommend investing no more than 30% investment in a single my opinion, optimum is the allocation of funds intended for investment, on 3-6 endation: razdelyayuschey cloud mininga 3-6 ratio of risk/return Rule “the higher the yield the higher the risk” operates also in the worth it to consciously choose the most profitable offers on the choosing a mining company to purchase (rent) facilities, first analyze the market, calculate the average profitability in this business, determine the balance of profitability by time intervals

recommend investing in the

capacity of mining companies, which give an yield of 15-25% per month of the amount invested in the contract for a period not exceeding 6 months or with a yield of 5-10% per month for a period of 12 gh, if impeccable reputation of the company is confirmed by data from forums and other specialized sources, then it is a justifiable purchase (rental) of facilities with greater profitability for longer than a year or “lifetime” (lifetime rent, i.e., until the equipment will be used, the power which you a rule, “lifetime” is meant the rent for a period of 2 endation: the best is to buy capacity for up to 6 months with a yield of 15-20% per stment I stick to the idea that investing should work and you are determined to have a good stash for a rainy day or to achieve some big goals (running your business), we strongly advise you not to hurry to spend the less of the amount of income received, I recommend not less than 50% of the profits are reinvested in mining (to can expand capacity on existing projects, go to another project of cloud mining, or invest in less risky areas of uent attachment does not take the time to invest in the same company, analyze the market, can this company more sign of future my opinion, disciplined and well-organized reinvesting is a good guarantee for the future financial disciplined reinvestment, it is possible for a short period of your portfolio of investments to increase the way, the income received odinistic in cloud mining, in my opinion, should not be regarded as a permanent, long-term and stable source of additional or main field of Internet business is very three or five years, mining may be not so profitable or public authorities around the world start to actively seek and force the online investors to pay any taxes or get a to be disappointed, it is always better to be aware of this, and at the right time just to begin gradually transfer investments in other endation: reinvest at least 50% of the ate programs should Not ignore the opportunity to make money mining cryptocurrency, encouraging other investors (referrals) to invest in working projects.

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